children’s hostel


IRON SHEETS   58 each at 23000 Ugandan shillings

BRICKS       6000  each at 75 Ugandan shillings

CEMENT     13  bags of 50 kgs  each at  27000 Ugandan shillings

CLAY   4  trips big truck each at 70000 Ugandan shillings

WINDOWS  4 each at 80000 Ugandan shillings

DOORS   2   each at  120000 Ugandan shillings

TREES FOR ROOFS   30 each at  4000 Ugandan shillings

NAILS  6 kgs for roofing each at 5500  Ugandan shillings

LABOR  500000  Ugandan shillings   for building


thanks to all f…

thanks to all friend who are interested in our organization

23. March 2012

Donation Agenda

Donation Agenda



In general, we are very thankful for any kind of helpful donations.

Clothes, books, food, pens, goods and other items will be distributed directly to the Masaka street children in need.

Any kind of financial donation is directly used for the following purposes.

This list is created and ordered by the project workers directly, who are in steady contact with the street children and can evaluate and estimate their needs the best.


  1. 1.      School fees
  2. 2.      Scholastic materialsi
  3. 3.      Food
  4. 4.      Clothes
  5. 5.      Shelter/Accommodation fees
  6. 6.      Furnitureii
  7. 7.      Games


i) e.g.: Pens, books, geometry sets, school bags, coloured pencils, rubber.

ii) e.g.: beds, mattresses, blankets, bed sheet and mosquito nets.


contact information


telephone:  +256700762838



PO,BOX 1832



The Concept

Masaka Streetchildren’s Project


Idea (Mission):

Our idea is to enable street-children to attend school to gain Education for a better future. Therefore we search sponsors which pay the school fees and provide to children with the essential material for school. In return the sponsors get letters from their sponsored children.


Our vision is to provide education for the twenty street-children that we are caring for with the perspective to accompany them through primary and secondary school.

Enable them to go to university or to learn a craft in a technical school

More children?


Giving the street-children a perspective for the future by sending them to a school and providing for their school fees. Also to provide an home and meals(?)


Build up sponsorships for all the children. Find cooperation with a charity-organization. Building up a bigger project in which more street-children can get a place to live and regular meals.


In the beginning the Children are living with the family of founder S. Akiiki and are also given meals by them. The (insert name of the Project) only provides for the School fees Sponsors are searched mainly in Germany so far. The sponsored money is send to Uganda were it is directly given to the project

Streetchildren in Masaka:

Masaka is one of the biggest cities in Uganda


Living standard in Uganda

Streetchildren in Uganda:

Name: Republic of Uganda

Capital: Kampala (1,246,000 (2002))

Area: 236580km2

Population: 31,367,972

Pop. Growth Rate: 3.6

Republic, leaded by president

English, Luganda, Swaheli + Bantu- or Nilo-Saharan Languages

Life expectancy: 52,3 Female 53,4, male 51.3

Catholic 41, Anglican,40 muslim 5, indigenous 4

The Project:

The Project was first planned in December 2011 by the Founders Moses Nkanjji, Stella Akiiki, Samuel Mubiru Jjuuko Ibrah and Bruno G. Bergheim (see “the founders). It started with the Idea to enable education to twenty street-children, that were looked after by Stella’s family.

The Founders:

Moses Nkanjj: was born in 1990 in Kitengeesa buwunga Masaka as son of a businessman. He studied Catering and Hotelmanagment at st.john baptist vocational institute in Masaka and at the time of the founding he is 22 years old.

Stella Akiiki: was born in 1992 in Masaka Soweto. At the time of founding she was 19 years old and was attending the senior 6 grade Kijjabwemi secondary school in Masaka.

Samuel Mubiru: was born in 1989 in Masaka Kumbu as son of a self-employed Farmer. He studied business in Tropical College of commerce and Businessstudies  in Masaka. At the time of founding he was 23 years old.

Jjuuko Ibrah: was born in 1991 in Kimaanya as son of a businessman. He studied business at Uganda  matter’s university in Kampala at the time of founding he was 21 years o ld.

Bruno Gideon Bergheim: was born 1991 in Cologne (Germany) as son of teachers. He came to Uganda for a volenteer’s social year after finishing school in Germany. After his return to Germany he studied Bio… in…. at the time of founing he was 21 years old.

The Constitution



  1. i.            NAME OF THE PROJECT;






The project  is located at Soweto village, Katwe Butego sub-County but its operations can be carried out in any part of the Masaka District.


  1. iii.            AIM OF THE GROUP

This project intends to look after Street children and enable them to go to school for a better future.


  • To encourage full participation in the social and economic development activities of the participants’ areas of residence and throughout the nation.
  • To promote the spirit of voluntarism amongst the children.
  • To ensure that all the money paid to the project account by sponsors  is put into development activities that suit the needs of the street children.


  1. iv.            LEADERSHIP

Positions of Leadership:


Duties and Responsibilities of Leaders:

  • All leaders must work together on all duties assigned to them by the project founder. They should also participate in all work that will help to promote the development of the children.
  •  Each of the leaders shall have to make regular written reports clearly showing how he/she has run his/her office during a specified period of time.


  1. v.            MEETINGS
  2. vi.            MISCELLANEOUS
  • Executive meetings shall sit once every month.
  • General meetings shall be held annually.
  • Meetings may be called whenever need arises.
  • Whenever a vote is to be exercised, more than half of the founders present must vote in favor for a motion to be passed.
  •  Official documents shall bear signatures of at least three of the leaders (i.e. The Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary).
  • Whatever actions attending founders decide upon during group business are binding to all members of the project.



We the founders of masaka street children project do approve this constitution on this day of…27…/…02…/2012.


The Proposal


  1. i.            NAME OF THE PROJECT

Masaka Streetchildren’s Project




The project is located in masaka district.


  1. iii.            AIMS OF THE PROJECT

This project intends to promote development amongst the street children of Masaka, particularly in the field of education.

  1. iv.            OBJECTIVES


  • To find out what causes children in Uganda to go on streets
  • To stop child abuse and help abandoned children who stays on the streets in Uganda
  • To promote development activities that suit the needs of the street children
  • To promote and  fund education among the street children in Uganda
  • To promote the spirit of kindness and helping among the street children





Head of the Group

Chairs the meetings

Calls in the meetings together with the Secretary

Ensures that everybody fulfill his/her duty

Ensures that all actions agreed on are taken into practice

Signs all official documents

Vice Chairperson:

Does all the chairpersons works in his absence except for signing official documents


Keeps all documents. Makes sure that these are well maintained

Calls in meetings with the Chairperson

Writing minutes at a meeting

Where possible sends copies of the former meetings to all leaders before the next meeting

Notifies the persons who have been assigned duties

Must red minute of the previous meeting if necessary to refer to it

Arranges, where the meetings take place and organizes all necessary equipment

Reports about other leader’s reports that were given in on other occasions

Receives all reports, plans of action etc. which are approved at the general meeting

He/she is one of the signatories on official documents

Informs all founders on time an location of the meeting


Organizing the finances of the Project

Collects and keeps the project’s money

Together with the other leaders he/she makes the budget of the project

Keeps the projects book of accounts

Must be an example for the others

He/she signs official documents

Report about finances

  1. vi.            MEETINGS
  • Meetings may be called whenever need arises.


  • A plan of action is approved when more than half of the founders present are in favor of it
  • Official documents shall bear  signatures of at least three leaders
  • The Actions decided on in the meetings are binding for all founders



We the founders of the Masaka Streetchildren’s Project do approve this constitution on this day of27/02/2012.


Photos of our project